5Dimes Sportsbook Review

5Dimes Sportsbook5Dimes has been in the sports wagering business for a long time. With over a decade of accepting Internet bets under their belt, you can trust 5Dimes to do legit business. Another plus at 5Dimes is their early-morning lines; 5Dimes is known for posting odds before any other gambling site, so if you like to get a leg up on other people who only make sports wagers casually, make 5Dimes your home for sports wagers.

Is 5Dimes Legal In The US & Who Is Accepted?

Any and all customers in the US can place bets on sports at 5Dimes. The site does not discriminate based on the state you're playing from. 5Dimes is not aimed at the American market specifically, though they do allow American wagers to be processed.

Find out more about if it is legal to bet sports online - click here!

Can 5Dimes Be Trusted?

5Dimes is a younger name in the sports betting industry, but thanks to the fact that they display their licensing and regulation material prominently on their page, and the fact that our writers regularly place bets at 5Dimes and have not had any issues with the site, you can trust 5Dimes for bets on your favorite sporting events.

Need To Contact 5Dimes?

If you want to open an account at 5Dimes, call their special "new accounts" line at 1-877-322-7501 to talk to a customer support team member who specializes in such accounts. Live chat is available during the busiest times of service, though for 24/7 support, you'll need to use one of 5Dimes dedicated email addresses, such as info@5Dimes.eu.

5Dimes Deposit Methods, Deposit Bonuses, and Withdrawal Methods

How To Deposit Into 5Dimes + Payment Methods -5Dimes accepts customers from around the world, so American gamblers may find themselves having to dig for a deposit method that is legal and available to US customers. These options at 5Dimes include:

  • VISA / Mastercard
  • Money Orders / Checks
  • Book To Book / Person To Person
  • Wire Transfers

5Dimes SportsbookDeposit Bonuses at 5Dimes Sportsbook - As for a deposit bonus, new players are in store for a very generous offer. When making the first deposit, new players get as much as 50% extra up to a $200 bonus. But, they can keep going further with an additional 20% that keeps going all the way up to $500. Here, the online sports betting bonuses and promotions just keep getting sweeter as you go...

5Dimes also has a cashback offer currently worth 15% on all of your sportsbook losses twice a year. The trick to this deposit bonus is that you must request the rebate, it won't just be given to you. There are other details attached to the cashback program, so read the terms and conditions before you pick this version.

If you are a heavyweight, placing a lot of wagers on a number of different sports, you'll probably get a special reduced juice option, which unfortunately cuts you out of the site's other bonuses and rebate offers. But this reduced juice saves you money on a day-to-day basis, since you're putting less cash in 5Dimes pocket for each bet that you make.

You won't find more betting lines on the NFL anywhere else, so bonuses should apply here too right? Well 5Dimes is known for producing promotional offers geared towards the NFL, that come out in the preseason regular season, and throughout the playoffs. We recommend checking out the promotions routinely for the latest happenings.

5Dimes Sportsbook Payouts - The payout and withdrawal methods available at 5Dimes for American customers are all very similar to their deposit options. If you've found a valid and secure way to deposit to 5Dimes as a US customer, you should probably use that same method for withdrawals.

Users have plenty of ways in which they can have their winnings paid out to them. Through the mail they can receive a certified check or a money order. Each of these sports betting site payout methods take roughly 7-10 business days to be received, with varying payout limits.

Other methods include prepaid cards highlighted by the 1500 CLUB card offered at 5Dimes. This is a prepaid card issued by 5Dimes which comes with a care number and expiration date. Bettors can withdraw up to $1,500 two times per week, though a free payout comes only once every 30 days.

Another popular method includes the Debit Card Fund Application (DCFA). This is a withdrawal option that pays a user through a Visa or MasterCard debit card. Only taking 3-5 days to be received, a DCFA transfer is one of the most convenient ways of making a withdrawal.

5Dimes' Fastest Withdrawal Method - The Debit Card funds Application is the quickest way 5Dimes users can get their money. This can have a withdrawal to an account holder within 3-4 business days. The DCFA is one of the newer payout options, but is definitely becoming the go-to method for players.

Wager On These Sports at 5Dimes Sportsbook

Perhaps there is no other sportsbook out there that gets betting lines up on their wager board faster than 5Dimes. Always ahead of the curve, 5Dimes regularly has lines and point spreads for games in all major sports leagues in the U.S. and internationally. 5Dimes has built a great reputation for having what bettors want and they plan on maintaining it. For this reason, you can pretty much just have one account (at 5Dimes) and bet on every sport you ever wanted to.

Sports That Can Be Bet On At 5Dimes: NBA, Soccer, NFL, College Football, College Basketball, NASCAR, Ultimate Fighting Championship events, NHL, Horse Racing, Tennis, PGA Golf, Boxing, Politics, Entertainment & More

5Dimes Sportsbook

Betting Odds & Wager Types Available At 5Dimes Sportsbook
  • Betting Odds & Wager Types Available At 5Dimes Sportsbook

    5Dimes has all the wager types you would expect from a big name sportsbook. Of course straight betting is always available but you can mix it up with some parlays, teasers, pleasers, if bets and other wagering forms.

    Different Wager Types At 5Dimes: Parlays, Straight Wagers, If Bets, Teasers, Pleasers, Reverse

    As for the types of wager you can place, we like the variety of betting types, which includes prop bets on pro sports (like bets on which NFL team or teams will or will not make the playoffs, along with other sport playoff props), and point spreads on literally every D1 and D2 college football and college basketball games. Lines on D2 basketball games are hard to find, but 5Dimes has you covered if you like betting on more obscure college roundball games.

    Ways To Bet At 5Dimes: Moneylines, Totals, Player Props, Team Props, Event Props, Futures, Spreads, & More

5Dimes Deposit Methods, Deposit Bonuses, and Withdrawal Methods

5Dimes Has Live Betting!

5Dimes Sportsbook5Dimes is keeping up with the times and giving bettors the chance to place a live bet on their site. The options that are offered will vary depending on which sports are in season. Obviously with sports like MLB, NHL, and NBA there will be more chances because there are a ton more games than the NFL and college football.

But the point is that all sports will have some sort of live betting action, spanning game lines, player props, team props, and game props. It makes for some very interesting betting and most cases provide instant results for bettors to know the result.

You Can Bet At 5Dimes Using Your Phone Or Tablet!

The extensive set of 5Dimes betting lines travels with you wherever you go, so long as you have a mobile device. And with 5Dimes able to be used by many different types of mobile devices, it is a good bet that it will be compatible with yours.

Simply visit 5Dimes and the site will pull up for you, ready to be used. Create an account, or sign into your account when you choose to go mobile. It's a great feature that means bettors won't miss out on any of the betting odds offered here.