How To Bet On College Basketball Games

There is no denying that college basketball provides us with thrills every season, and this is even more true when you have money on the game. And while there are some great games that take place during the regular season, does it really get any better than the NCAA Tournament? The month-long road to the college basketball championship is probably the most bet-on month in sports all year long.

Here on this page, we talk about everything college basketball betting. Find out the different types of betting odds that are available, as well as how to bet on college basketball online. We will also list the best online sportsbooks for NCAA basketball betting along with short reviews of the best ones. Our goal is to teach you about betting on college basketball, not give you information about teams or players. Look below if you want to get started at one of the sportsbooks that we prefer or go to our homepage to learn more about legal online sports betting.

College Basketball Wagering Tips & Advice

As we have said before, we are avid bettors and know a whole lot about betting on sports online. So we have formulated a few tips and lessons that you can take with you for making bets on college basketball during the season.

Take advantage of the variety of bets available in NCAA basketball

Sports bettors unfamiliar with college roundball bets are often overwhelmed by the sheer size of their wagering options. Most sportsbooks post odds for about 200 teams. Compared to the 30 clubs in the NBA, you have many more games to choose from, but don't think of this as a disadvantage. The truth is, it is much simpler to find your book's worst numbers on a list of 100 games than it is to find a bad line in fourteen or fifteen NBA contests. The lesson here is to use the vast number of games as an edge, rather than being overwhelmed by the number of games you have to pick from.

College basketball games involve a lot more emotion than professional games

Any time you can factor emotion into a sporting event you gain an advantage. NCAA basketball teams play about 30 games in a season, so thanks to a short schedule and the fact that these teams are made up mostly of teenagers and guys in their early 20 (not to mention the high emotions associated with rivalries), researching a college basketball game means taking morale and revenge under consideration. The numbers prove how heavy a factor revenge is at the college level--more than 55% of the time in the last decade, a team that's already lost to their opponent once has come back to cover the spread and win the game. The more you know about a team's emotional state, the bigger your advantage against your bookmaker.

Pay attention to recruitment before the season even starts

These days, college freshman are an active part of their basketball squads. No other NCAA sport features 18- and 19-year old players as much as basketball. If you keep your ear to the ground during recruitment season, paying special attention to the incoming freshman on any given team, you give yourself an advantage. Study up on the country's best high school players and follow them at recruitment time. These young kids have a huge impact on the game, more than in any other collegiate sport.

Bet early (and often) on teams you have researched extensively

The NCAA basketball season starts in November, but the first month or so of games are almost all against non-conference opponents. Focus on a dozen teams before the season starts and take advantage of early-season hiccups. There is more variance in these early contests, thanks to the shuffling of lineups and play strategies, but if you know more than the book about a group of teams, you can take advantage of these early-season ups and downs.

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Different Ways To Wager On College basketball Games

When it comes to betting on college basketball, there are a couple of basic betting categories that you can choose from. They are straight bets, and parlays. These are all explained right below. It all just depends on how you want to bet on a game, or multiple games.

  • Straight Bets - Straight wagers in college basketball include the point spread, money line, and game total.
  • Parlays - A parlay wager made in college basketball links multiple bets together. However, for the parlay to win, all the bets made on the wager must win.

College Basketball also offers a number of different types of betting odds for the season and individual games. These odds fall under the straight bet category, with game lines, props, and futures wagers. Check out these different types of odds that can be found for college basketball below.

  • Point Spread - The point spread establishes a favorite and an underdog, making the playing field more even. The wager is made on which team will cover the spread installed.
  • Money Line - The money line is a wager made on the winner of the college basketball game straight up with no spread.
  • Game Total- A point total for the two teams in a match up is installed, with the bet won on either the over or under.
  • Props - Both team and player prop betting odds are set for college basketball games, and can cover a range of facets outside of the game lines.
  • Futures - A futures wager on college basketball would typically center arond the national championship and conference odds.
Best Sportsbooks for Betting On College Basketball

When it comes to betting on the NBA, there are a number of top sportsbooks which field all kinds of wagers for it. Whether it's game lines, prop odds, futures and more, these online sportsbooks that we have reviewed below have it covered full circle. Check out the sign up bonuses, deposit methods and withdrawal options in addition the betting odds, as these are all important facets of the best online sportsbooks to bet on the NBA.

Bovada - Great College Basketball Odds Offered

Bovada Legal Online Sports BettingBovada Sportsbook has college basketball covered full circle. Get the latest games lines, props, and futures wagers to win the national championship. Bovada covers the NCAA tournament like no other sportsbook, offering tournaments and bracket challenges for their players to partake in. Take advantage of Bovada's 50% bonus up to $100, and deposit today. Depositing is made safe and efficient at Bovada, as is cashing out and receiving your winnings.

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WagerWeb - Largest First Deposit Bonus Of All Bookmakers

WagerWeb Legal Online Sports BettingWagerWeb Sportsbook is another great online sportsbook destination for those looking to wager on college basketball. WagerWeb also offers a bracket challenge for their players during the NCAA tournament. But during the regular season, get the latest match ups with game lines, props, and futures wager. WagerWeb offers a 100% bonus up to $1,000 for their players. Check out WagerWeb and see all that they have to offer.

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More Help With Wagering On College Basketball

Get all of the college basketball matchups on our interface below, and find the latest betting lines and breakdowns of games on the schedule. This feature is really cool, and even offers players the chance to see how other bettors are leaning. This will be updated daily during the season, with the current lines as they come out.