How To Bet On NFL Football Games

There probably isn't a sport more popular when it comes to betting than the NFL. Online sportsbooks generate a variety of NFL lines throughout the course of the preseason, regular season, and on into the playoffs up to the Super Bowl. Here on this page, it is our mission to explain to you the different aspects of online sportsbooks when it comes to wagering on the NFL. The types of betting lines are explored, as well as what to look for. Finally, we review a couple of the best online sportsbooks around to bet on the NFL. And trust us, we've been to them all, and know the good from the bad plus we have used all these betting sites accepting US bettors ourself and know what they bring to the table.

By the time you have reviewed this entire page, you should have a very good understanding of what NFL betting lines are offered at online sportsbooks, and some of the top NFL sportsbooks around. You will be steps closer to knowing exactly what to expect, and be on your way to laying down wagers and profiting on the NFL season.

Bovada - Leads All USA Accepted Sportsbooks In NFL Betting

Bovada NFL SportsbookBetting on the NFL doesn't get any better than at Bovada Sportsbook. Having been around for over a decade, Bovada has developed a solid reputation of trust and efficiency in the industry. Whether looking to wager on the preseason, regular season, playoffs, or the Super Bowl, Bovada will have the entire NFL season covered full circle.

Check out Bovada and their 50% bonus up to $250, as well as their safe and secure deposit methods (VISA, MyPaylinQ, Wire Transfers) to get betting on the NFL today.

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BetOnline - Best Sports Betting Bonuses For Football Season

BetOnline NFL SportsbookBetOnline offers a number of NFL betting lines throughout the course of the season, and in the offseason with their Super Bowl futures. And when the season starts, BetOnline kicks into gear with their NFL odds. A 25 percent bonus up to $900 on every deposit is certainly another reason to check them out and see what betting lines they have on the NFL.

Top-of-the-line NFL betting options, sports betting bonuses for life, a great selection of sports and betting odds await you when you decide to wager with BetOnline.

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SportsBetting - Early Betting Lines For Next Week's NFL Games Available

SportsBetting Legal Online NFL SportsbookNFL betting at SportsBetting is definitely something to check out. The extensive lines that can be found on site will cover the preseason, regular season and the postseason. SportsBetting is legal for players from the United States to place real-money wagers on. Accepting players from all 50 states, SportsBetting is one of the top choices to go with.

Among the other features offered at SportsBetting is the ease to make a deposit with a Visa and American Express. This opens the doors to betting on NFL games weekly throughout the year. And trust us; SportsBetting has lines for every single one of them. Deposit Bonus: Up To $900 Each Deposit With 15% or 25% Match Bonus - Claim It!!!

WagerWeb Sportsbook - Great Features For Those Who Like Pro Football Betting / Very Fast Payouts!

WagerWeb Legal Online NFL SportsbookNFL betting is done right at WagerWeb for a couple of different reasons. The first is the most important because it can be legally done for American players. Second, the complete set of NFL games is available each and every week.

WagerWeb offers a spread, money line, and point total for all NFL games, plus dive into their weekly player and team props for the different matchups. Find as many as several dozen props for each game and even more for big games like the Super Bowl, Monday Night, Sunday Night, and Thursday Night Football games.

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5Dimes Sportsbook - Multiple Ways To Wager Available Including Parlays + More

5Dimes Legal Online NFL SportsbookYou won't find a sportsbook with more NFL betting odds to sift through than you will with 5Dimes. While 5Dimes will have all games to bet, they go above and beyond in terms of props ad futures. It’s the futures section that can be really good, with as many as 10 times the number of odds found at other sportsbooks.

U.S. sports bettors can legally sign up at 5Dimes. They operate out of Costa Rica and any player who is at least 18 years old is able to create an account with them. This means that all 50 states in the U.S. can bet the NFL.

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Legal Sports Betting Sites Sportsbook Bonuses Available During Football Season Visit Online Sportsbook
Bovada Legal Online Sports Betting
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SportsBetting Legal Online Sports Betting
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BetOnline Legal Online Sports Betting
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BetDSI Legal Online Sports Betting
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5Dimes Legal Online Sports Betting
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NFL Betting Tips & Advice

Below are some tips that could help when wagering on online sportsbook on the NFL. Check them out and see if they can apply to you and your NFL betting endeavors. These are general tips that will help you bet smarter and therefore lead you to win more bets for more money. These are not picks, just pieces of advice to keep in mind when betting on the National Football League.

Pay attention to teams coming off a bye week

Take a look at teams coming off a bye week over the past four NFL seasons. Their record is a cumulative 65-54-1, a record significant enough to lay money on. That same group of teams went 61-44 against the spread, thanks to an extra week of rest. Bet in favor of teams coming off a bye and take advantage of their (apparently) significant edge.

The best way to avoid variance in NFL wagering is to avoid parlay bets

Parlay bets are very popular, thanks in no small part to the fact that some bettors in North America only have access to this type of wager. But parlays come with a ton of variance--remember, it takes just one loss to blow your entire bet on a parlay card. That makes it a high-risk bet. If you play a 6 team parlay card and your teams go 5-1, you win nothing. If you'd placed 6 straight bets instead, you would have won 5 times, taking just one loss. Ignore the fact that a 6-team parlay pays off around 40:1; there is too much risk involved for this to be a smart bet.

Take advantage of NFL underdogs

Thanks to changes in the way the league is run, the cliché that any team can win on "any given Sunday" is truer than ever. Eight teams since the year 2000 have won the Super Bowl a season after having a losing record. Because there is so much parity in the NFL, placing straight bets on underdogs is an easy way to increase your edge against the oddsmakers. It's common for underdog NFL squads to beat the spread near the end of the game, as the favored team maintains a "comfortable lead." In the NFL, there's really no such thing as an underdog.

Ignore point spread wagers on professional football

This tip flies in the face of everything you know about sports gambling, right? If you're betting on the NFL, the point spread matters less than you probably think. More than 80% of the time, since the dawn of the NFL, the team that covers the spread is also the winning team. Since straight-up bets pay better than bets on the spread, do your research and place straight bets on the team you think will win. The team that covers the spread only loses about once in every seven NFL games. long-haul run in a race..

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Different Ways To Bet On NFL Games

There are a number of different types of wagers to make on the NFL. It really all depends on how you want to bet. Whether it's a straight bet on a game line, or a parlay on more than one game, online sportsbooks will offer several choices. And within the types of bets that can be made, there are different lines that are available, specially for straight wagers.

  • Straight Bet - point spreads, moneylines and game totals make up the different varieties of straight bets that can be made
  • Parlay - A parlay is a bet which link multiple games or outcomes together. All bets must be won for a parlay to win
  • Teaser - A bet placed on more than one game, where points are adjusted more to your favor. However, the payout can be significantly less
  • Pleaser - A bet that can only be made on the NFL. It is the opposite of a pleaser, in which the points are taken away, making the bet more difficult to win. As such, the payout is typically one of the highest payouts on the NFL
  • If Bet - An "If Bet' can be made if the original bet made on a game is won. From there, a bettor will have to place all of that first bet plus the profits on another wager

For the types of odds that are offered for the NFL Season and NFL games, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Below you can find these games lines and other betting odds which are formed during the season.

  • Point Spreads - A favorite and an underdog are established on the point spread for each NFL match up, with the bet made on the team which will cover.
  • Moneyline - A wager on the moneyline is made on which team will win the game straight up with no point spread.
  • Game total - A bet on the game total is made on the over/underl ine installed for each NFL game, either taking the over or under total.
  • Props - Team and Player Prop odds are formed during the NFL season, and for each NFL match up. These lines vary in nature, and can covera wide range of topics relating to the game, player, or season.
  • Futures - NFL Futures wagers typically revolve around the odds to win the Super Bowl, AFC and NFC. These odds are usually formed and available all season.
Live NFL Betting

It's not a guarantee that all NFL games each week will be available to wager live, but more and more are becoming available. Each sportsbook will have their specific schedule to stick to. What you will find though are plenty of great chances to get in on game action as it is taking place on the field in between the hashes.

Some of the betting lines that you will see are alternate game odds, player props, team props, game props, and alternate point totals. Nationally televised games are always a good bet to have live wagering.

Mobile NFL Betting

NFL odds will be available at many sports betting site through the mobile devices that they own. Bettors will not need to download applications, as the sites have already made themselves compatible to the devices so that they will be ready to use right there.

This means that if a bettor wants to wager on an NFL games, they won have to wait until they are home to do so and risk missing it. This provides sports gambling on-the-go and allows users to go on with their daily lives. Never has NFL betting been easier.

More Help With Betting On The NFL

Get all of the NFL matchups throughout the course of the season here. Find out the betting line for each game, as well as the over/under game total. NFL betting odds are formed every week following the conclusion of Monday Night Football, and are available all week long leading up to kickoff. Not only does this user interface offer the betting odds, but you can also find out which way bettors are leaning, along with match up analysis that breaks down the upcoming games on the slate.