How To Bet On College Football Games

College football is one of the most popular sports around, and with that, oddsmakers jump all over the season with a variety of betting odds. Whether it's National Championship betting lines, or game lines from week to week, online sportsbooks field a ton of wagers for college football. Here on this page, we talk about the different types of bets that are offered for college football, as well as where to bet on the sport.

If you want to find out whether or not it is legal to bet on college football, read our homepage and some of the articles that we have about legal online sports betting. The bottom line is that it is perfectly legal to bet on college football online. However, there is a few states that specifically ban online sports betting.

College Football Wagering Tips & Advice

Below, we have put together some tips to pay attention to when it comes to betting on college football. Be sure to check them out and see if they might help or apply to what type of wager you are looking to make on college football.

Keep an eye on your bankroll

The college game has less parity than the NFL, so bankroll management is even more important. Because of greater variance in NCAA football, you have to be even more conservative with your wagers. Don't place bets higher than 2% of your total bankroll. If you have a budget of $1,000, don't place any single bet on a college football game more than $20. This will keep you from blowing your budget in a league where there are cut and dry favorites and underdogs.

Always place bets against really big point spreads

If you see a spread of -30 or higher, always bet against it. Over the past decade in college football, if you'd been betting against all favorites with a spread of -30 or higher, you would have a return well above 60%. This tip works because bookmaker's point spreads are based on their interpretation of what the general public thinks the outcome of an NCAAF game will be. Take advantage of sportsbooks who set the line just high enough to trick amateur gamblers into a "sure win."

Become familiar with lesser-known college teams

Compare the number of NFL games in any given week to the number of college games--most books offer odds on even the most obscure college football matchups. The trick to wagering on small market games? Remember that the majority of the book's action comes from marquee matchups between well-known teams. It's unlikely that the oddsmaker you're playing against knows the ins and outs of a team like McNeese State. Studying just a little bit about smaller market NCAAF teams can make you more informed than the guy setting the odds, which gives you a huge advantage against your book.

Research smarter, not harder

In college football, stats are an important way to handicap games. The trouble is, most sports bettors don't know which stats to look at. At the college level, a team's total number of passing yards is often misinterpreted. Rather than looking at a team's total number of yards in the air, look at their starting passer's pass efficiency rating. If you really want to gain an edge, compare passer efficiency to the power ratings of their opposition, as well as both team's strength of schedule. When wagering at the college level, don't put money down on any single stat.

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Different Ways To Wager On College Football Games

There are several different types of betting odds for college football at legal sports betting sites accepting US players. Straight bets, parlays, teasers and pleasers make up the majority of the wagers made on college football. Straight wagers are the most common. It all depends on the player and what type of bet they are looking to make.

  • Straight Bets - These bets include point spreads, moneylines, and game totals. Other types of straight bets outside of game lines include player, props, team props, and futures wagers.
  • Parlay - A bet that links two or more bets, for which every wager made needs to win in order to profit
  • Teaser - A wager made on a point adjustment in your favor. As a result, the payout is often less.
  • Pleaser - A bet made with a point adjustment making it more difficult to win the bet, with the result a higher payout.

We've talked about the wager types for college football, but now let's briefly detail the different types of betting odds that you can find. There are a number of different types of straight bets that can be made on college football. Whether it's on the game line, prop, or a wager on the BCS Championship winner, there are several different types of betting odds.

  • Point Spread - The point spread is set for college football games, installing a favorite and an underdog in the match up. The bet is won by placing a wager on the team that covers the installed spread.
  • Moneyline - A wager on the moneyline on college football is made on the team to win the game straight up, with no spread set. It's simply betting on the team to win the game. But since there is no spread, the payouts can be a lot different from betting the spread.
  • Game Total - Every game set with a betting line will come with a game total. The game total is the combined total for the two teams in the match up, with a bet made on that total going over or under the installed total set by oddsmakers.
  • Team Props - Team prop odds for college football installs lines for each match up. These team props can cover a wide range of topics realting to the two teams in the game, or an issue for the season.
  • Player Props - Player Props for college football games are typically performance based for individual match ups. But they can also cover season long betting odds.
Best Sportsbooks for Betting On College Football

There are no shortage of online sportsbooks that offer betting odds on college football. But there is definitely a difference between the top ones around, and those that are lacking. We have a couple of these highly reviewed sportsbooks for college football listed below. Check them out and see if they might be a place where you will want to look at betting lines for college football.

Bovada - From Week 1 Thru Bowl Weeks, Bovada Has The Odds

Bovada Legal Online Sports BettingBovada is one of the best and most trusted online sites for college football betting. They offer a comprehensive section for college football, including game lines, player props, team props, and futures odds. Find out all of betting lines offered for your favorite team.

Take advantage of their 50% bonus up to $250. Bovada makes it safe and easy to deposit, with several method options available. Visit Bovada today and make a wager on college football.

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BetOnline - Odds For CFB Include Heisman + Early Vegas Odds For College Football Playoff

BetOnline Legal Online Sports BettingCollege football is one of the largest sections available at BetOnline, spanning a ton of different lines that are formed. Even when not in season, BetOnline features BCS Championship (and soon to be college football playoff) futures wagers. Among the lines covered also include conference championship lines formed months before the season starts and adjusted throughout the year.

BetOnline releases weekly game lines faster than any other sports betting site. Oddsmakers are on top of the upcoming matchups and make sure that their account holders get plenty of time to research different games. Bet the point spread, moneyline, game total + wager live!

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5Dimes - College Football Betting Lines Up Before Anyone Else

5Dimes Legal Online Sports BettingThere might not be a sportsbook that offers more college football betting lines throughout the year than 5Dimes Sportsbook. 5Dimes has all of the betting lines for just about every college football game out there, as well as unique futures wagers and props.

5Dimes offer a 50% bonus up to $200 or 20% up to $500. Depositing is made easy as well and this sportsbook has numerous ways that are proven to pay players quickly when they win, so check out 5Dimes and begin your betting endeavors.

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More Help With Wagering On College Football

Each week, there are a number of college football matchups that take place during the season. Betting odds are formed for just about every game on the slate. And with 120 team in Division I, that's a lot of games. Below, we have many of the college football games on the schedule for each week, which will be automatically updated on this interface. Not only are the betting odds listed, but so to are analysis and breakdowns.