How To Bet On NASCAR Races

There is no doubt that NASCAR has a dedicated and loyal following. And with the popularity of it, there are a variety betting odds formed for NASCAR throughout the course of the season. And NASCAR's season isn't a short one, with it beginning in February and lasting until November. Needless to say, there are going to be plenty of opportunities to be on NASCAR during the year. Here on this page we talk about everything relating to betting on NASCAR, including what types of odds are available, and how to bet on NASCAR online.

As we know, NASCAR is a sport unlike the other's on this site, mainly because of the machinery involved, plus the nature of the sport. But, a lot of the betting lines will look the same. Sportsbooks with lines for NASCAR will formulate betting odds for the upcoming NASCAR races each week during the course of the season, forming several betting options as the driver's move to new tracks during the season.

NASCAR Wagering Tips & Advice

Betting on NASCAR is definitely a different type of sport than any other. Just below, we have generated some tips that we believe will aid when it comes to betting on this sport. So check them out, and see if they can help you on your NASCAR betting endeavors.

Know the ins and outs of the various NASCAR tracks

NASCAR is similar to baseball in one important way: the track a race is being run on is just as important to handicapping a race as the shape and size of a baseball diamond is to handicapping an MLB game. Sports bettors unfamiliar with NASCAR tracks are likely to lose, simply because they don't take track conditions and driver histories at different tracks under consideration. Before you start betting on NASCAR, make sure you understand the impact of race courses on race outcomes.

Research a select group of drivers as much as possible

There is no bigger sporting event involving a single participant than NASCAR. With MLB, NFL, and collegiate sports betting, you're placing wagers on the abilities of a team. In NASCAR, you really only have one personality and skill-set to understand. The ability to study a single individual, rather than a team of a few dozen players, makes NASCAR betting a high-value prospect for students of individual driver skills and tendencies. Use this to your advantage by carefully studying, say, a dozen drivers in a given season.

Follow practice sessions with as much enthusiasm as you study real races

A unique aspect of NASCAR and other racing bets is the ability to watch a car, driver, and team's performance in practice. Bettors on Major League Baseball, for example, can't really access team practice stats when handicapping a game. Since NASCAR qualifying details are easy to find, you can learn a ton about the strengths and weaknesses of the cars and drivers before each big race. Remember, however, that practice and qualifying runs in NASCAR use a different setup than actual races, because cars in practice and qualifiers are designed for the fastest possible few laps, rather than a long-haul run in a race..

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Different Ways To Wager On NASCAR

When it comes to betting on NASCAR, the wagering types are limited to straight wagers. There are several different types of straight wagers, depending on which facet of the race of the Sprint Cup season you are looking to bet.

  • Race Odds - This is a wager formed during the week leading up to the race, with a bet placed on the on who you think will win the race.
  • Head-To-Head Odds - Two drivers are matched together here on this line, with the bet won by choosing the driver that finishes ahead of the other.
  • Futures - Odds to win the season-long Sprint Cup championship are typically the betting lines that occupy these odds.
  • Props - NASCAR props can range in nature, and are formed on outcomes not related to picking the winner.
Best Sportsbooks for Betting On NASCAR

NASCAR is definitely a popular sport when it comes to legal online sports betting. The best and most trusted online sportsbooks around will definitely have plenty of betting lines for NASCAR during the season. Below, we talk about a couple of online sportsbooks that we have visited, played at, and reviewed from our experience.

Bovada - More Ways To Bet On NASCAR Than Other Books

Bovada Legal Online Sports BettingBetting on NASCAR at Bovada Sportsbook is definitely worth checking out. Bovada offers comprehensive races lines for both pre qualifying and post qualifying for overall odds on that week's race. Also find head-to-head odds formed as well as props. Sprint Cup futures are up all year. Be sure to take advantage of their 50% bonus up to $100 for new sign ups. Bovada accepts players from the United States, and has a variety of sportsbook deposit methods to make it easy to fund your account. NASCAR betting online doesn't get much better than at Bovada, one of the best sportsbooks around.

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BetOnline - Great Bonuses For Every Deposit

BetOnline Legal Online Sports BettingBetOnline Sportsbook is another trusted online sportsbook that will meet your betting needs on NASCAR. Get the latest race lines each week, as well as the updated Sprint Cup Futures lines following each race. BetOnline is offering a 35% bonus up to $1,000 on every deposit, not just limiting it to the initial deposit. BetOnline is a USA Friendly sportsbook, and offers a variety of deposit and cashout method for safe and efficient transactions.

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Best Sportsbooks for Betting On NASCAR

NASCAR is a bit different than betting on some other sports, because there aren't a bunch of different match ups taking place. The Sprint Cup Series, Nationwide series, and Truck series are the three race lines you will see. But here on this NASCAR match ups interface below, updated betting odds will be available during the week, both pre qualifying and post qualifying for the Sprint Cup Series.