Sports Betting Sites That Allow U.S. Players

We list only the best legal online sports betting sites and books. The word "best' is subjective, sure, but we can back it up with facts. For starters, these are the sportsbooks we use on a daily basis to place our own sports wagers. We list sites with the best bonuses, deposit and withdrawal methods, and security protocols. Though the American sportsbook market shrank considerably after anti-gambling legislation took hold in 2006, there are still plenty of sports wagering sites accepting American business. We have checked them all out and compiled a list of the best legal Internet sportsbooks.

We want you to know that these are the sites that we trust with our own money when we want to bet on sports and we know that you can too. These are all very reliable sites that have numerous U.S.A. approved deposit methods that work consistently and very quickly to boot. Put your trust and these bookmakers for all your sports betting needs.

Is It Legal For U.S. Players To Bet At Online Sportsbooks?

The sports betting sites that are legal for American players will be ones that operate offshore. Fortunately for U.S. bettors, sportsbooks that operate offshore do accept American players and are legal to play. Bettors themselves aren't in violation under federal law to wager at these sites, it's merely the operation of an online sports betting site inside the U.S. When the websites for online betting are located offshore, it alleviates that problem all together and provides for a very nice legal sports gambling experience on a player's favorite sports.

Our Top 5 Recommended Sportsbooks That Currently Accept Wagers From USA Bettors

Out of the long list of USA-facing sports betting sites, we've picked out the top 5 legal options for American sports wagers. Read below to find out about bonus options, deposit methods, customer service, and security at the World's top 5 sportsbooks that are legal for USA gamblers.

#1 Sportsbook For USA Players - Bovada Sportsbook

What We Like about Bovada: Bovada is aimed at the North American sportsbook market specifically. That means all of their deposit and payout methods are tuned to the US market. We also like their lineup of bonuses and promotions, which are easy to earn thanks to low wagering requirements.

Bovada & The USA Sports Bettor: is designed with the US sports bettor in mind, though players from Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Nevada are currently not allowed to make a cash deposit. If you live in any of the other forty-six states in the US, or in most parts of Canada, you can place sports bets at Bovada.

Bovada Bonuses, Deposits, & Customer Service

The current first deposit bonus at Bovada for sports bettors is a 50% match good for up to $250. This is a special bonus right now but it is sure to stick as Bovada is a leader in online betting and word will get out quickly.

Making a deposit at Bovada requires you to use a VISA card (if you're able to do so), a wire transfer, certain eWallets, or checks by mail or by courier.

Since Bovada was built to do business with Americans, their customer service team is staffed with fluent English speakers familiar with US betting market. You can contact them through email, toll-free phone or through live chat right on their website. Their representatives are well trained and can assist you with anything you desire.

#2 Sportsbook For USA Players - BetOnline Sportsbook

What We Like About BetOnline: We like BetOnline's tiered bonus system that pays out different rewards for players of all different bankroll sizes. We also like the unusually high wagering limits available to Americans at BetOnline, as much as $5,000, even for first-time customers. We also like that BetOnline is open to all American customers.

BetOnline & The USA Sports Bettor: For anybody living in the United States, you can bet at BetOnline. Unlike some of it's counterparts, BetOnline accepts players from all 50 states to come and gamble however they choose whether it be in their sportsbook, casino, poker room, or racebook.

BetOnline Bonuses, Deposits, & Customer Service

The BetOnline bonus system is tiered, much like the rewards system, so your first deposit bonus depends on the amount you deposit. For example, a deposit between $500 and $1,000 makes you eligible for a 25% bonus match up to $400.

Remember, BetOnline is not a US-only sportsbook, like Bovada, so deposits at BetOnline are a bit more difficult for Americans. Sending your deposit in by check is probably the easiest method, unless you have access to VISA card deposits.

The customer service team at BetOnline is trained to deal with any and all issues that Americans face when making deposits and sports betting withdrawals.

#3 Sportsbook For USA Players -

What We Like About SportsBetting: SportsBetting is a gambler-friendly sportsbooks, more so than some of its big-name Internet sportsbook competition. When we look at details like the site's 25% reload bonus offer for each and every deposit and the 24/7 availability of customer service, you have to feel like a site is interested in pleasing you, and that's always a good feeling as a customer.

SportsBetting & The USA Sports Bettor: SportsBetting is proud to do business with US sports bettors, and offers legal deposit methods that mean you aren't running afoul of the 2006 UIGEA. You should feel safe placing bets with SportsBetting from the US; all our American writers place bets through this particular Internet sportsbook (among others) on a daily basis, and SportsBetting proudly displays their regulatory and licensing information right on their website. American bettors should feel safe when placing sports wagers through SportsBetting.

SportsBetting Bonuses, Deposits, and Customer Support

If you live in the USA, you can add money to your SportsBetting sports betting account using any of the follow options: wire transfers, VISA/ Mastercard, or check-by-mail and check-by-courier. If you have to use the mail to send a real check, spending the extra couple of bucks to send it by courier is well worth the weeks of waiting you'll save. Take note that the site says plainly that all "deposits less than $300" will incur fees, so contact customer service before you make a deposit at SportsBetting to find out how much your deposit will cost you, if you're depositing $299 or less. You can reach them at 1-888-843-9027 or by using live chat, and in-browser email contact, all but live chat are available 24/7.

As of this writing, the deposit bonus for SportsBetting is a 25% match worth up to $900 on each deposit. That's $900 in free cash for bets, but you have to wager at least three times your total bonus amount before you clear any of that money. The site backs that up with a 25% reload offer that all members can use for every "eligible" deposit and weekly rebates on horse betting and some soccer bets not to mention their bonuses for wagering on NFL games.

#4 Sportsbook For USA Players - 5Dimes Sportsbook

What We Like About 5Dimes: We have found that the lines available at 5Dimes are identical to lines in Vegas. We also like the variety of bonuses and promotions available to sports bettors at 5Dimes, which rotate depending on the sports season currently taking place. We also like that any and all American customers are accepted at 5Dimes.

5Dimes & The USA Sports Bettor: We are pleased to announce that 5Dimes accepts all USA players who are of legal age to gamble. 5Dimes allows residents of all fifty U.S. states to enjoy their product and furthermore they have a lot of deposit methods that work for USA players at their disposal.

5Dimes Bonuses, Deposits, and Customer Support

5Dimes is currently offering players a choice of either a 20% or 50% bonus for all sportsbook deposits, based on the size of your deposit. The site also makes claims of future reload bonus offers, though there's nothing explicit on their site about the size and value of these bonuses.

Again, 5Dimes is not an American-only sportsbook, so don't expect to be able to use the myriad deposit options they have listed at their site. American customers will have the most success depositing to 5Dimes using wire transfers or checks by mail or by courier.

Customer support is an important part of any online wagering activity, and the staff at 5Dimes is available via live chat (most of the time), 24-hour toll-free phone numbers, and email contacts.

#5 Sportsbook For USA Players - WagerWeb Sportsbook

What We Like About WagerWeb: We sometimes like to make larger bets, so we love the larger bet sizes available at WagerWeb compared to their competition. We think WagerWeb has one of the top exotic and prop bet lineups in the industry, and the ability to bet on things besides sports means WagerWeb's betting variety is tough to beat.

WagerWeb& The USA Sports Bettor: Luckily, WagerWeb is still a accepting American bets. There are legal ways to fund an account with WagerWeb, even if you like in the United States. Gambling at WagerWeb as an American customer means two things: finding a deposit and withdrawal method that works and feeling safe making bets with this trustworthy online book. Existing US sports betting laws are not applied to individual bettors, only providers and hosts of illegal book operations.

WagerWeb Bonuses, Deposits, and Customer Support

The deposit match options at WagerWeb are almost as varied as their bets, with offers ranging from deposits as small as $25 and as large as well into the thousands. These deposit matches have specific rollover requirements, so check the terms and conditions before you sign up to earn bonus money. Depending on how much you deposit, you can earn a free-play bonus of 50%-100% for your first deposit.

USA gamblers have a few options for depositing: wire transfers, VISA card transactions (some US sports bettors have been able to use their VISA card), and check-by-mail and check-by-courier, so you have a few avenues to try and make deposits to your WagerWeb account.

Contact customer service at 855-924-3793, or use the WagerWeb live chat or browser-based email contact system if you have any questions about your account, bonuses, or deposits.

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More About Betting Sports In The U.S.

While it's important to see the different sports betting sites that are able to be bet legally, it's also important to understand other information about sports betting at these sites. This includes how the site works, such as signing up, depositing, and getting paid out. These are important issues to be addressed.

Sports That U.S. Players Can Bet On

The available sports that can be wagered by U.S. players are quite extensive. Different sportsbooks will have their own betting lines, but you can expect a high quality sportsbook to have betting odds for all sports and leagues in the U.S., as well as many from around the world.

Among the most popular betting are has to be from the NFL. But outside of that there are many other popular ones that USA players wager on. Football rules the day though, and this includes college football betting lines as well. Plenty of game lines and props are wagered by U.S. players throughout the year.